LEAVES' EYES Frontwoman Says New Album Represents 'Natural Evolution' For Band

March 28, 2005

LEAVES' EYES frontwoman Liv Kristine (ex-THEATRE OF TRAGEDY) recently gave an interview to the band's official web site regarding their upcoming album, "Vinland Saga", due on May 30 via Napalm Records. The entire interview follows:

Q: The release date for "Vinland Saga" is set in May. How is it going with your second album?

Liv Kristine: "The recordings are almost completely finished and Alex [Krull, Liv's husband and bandmate] is now busy mixing and mastering it. I just can't believe the production process is already done as it has been an exciting and challenging time. Again, everything has been produced at Mastersound Studio. The listeners can look forward to [for example] various classical arrangements which we have included into the typical LEAVES' EYES compositions. We've had a great time developing the sounds of these instruments in the studio. Thus, the recordings took a bit longer than the ones for 'Lovelorn', but it was absolutely worth it. The classical instruments definitely underline the warmth of the songs!"

Q: Since December you’ve got a new drummer, Moritz Neuner. What is it like working with him?

Liv Kristine: "It is great. Moritz perfectly completes the band as well as ATROCITY. Recently, we played our first shows together with him at the Transit Festival in Geneva, Switzerland. He also brought many important influences into the LEAVES' EYES compositions and we've recorded various orchestral percussions, symphonic cymbals and marching snares with Moritz. These elements give the songs a very intense and special feeling. Moritz is the right man for us. His experience is a highly valuable asset."

Q: The album was already presented to the press. What kind of reactions did you receive?

Liv Kristine: "We had a listening session here at Mastersound Studio where journalists from all over Europe got to hear the first ten songs. Two album tracks and the bonus songs were not completed at that point in time. The reactions were highly positive. There were journalists from Italy, Greece, the Benelux and Scandinavia and everybody liked the concept and the sound of the record. Of course we were happy to hear that! Now we hope that fans too will be satisfied with our work as we put our complete energy, time and heart into the 'Vinland Saga'!"

Q: In advance to the album there will be released a MCD. What can you tell us about it?

Liv Kristine: "The title track of the MCD will be 'Elegy', our first single. Within the next few weeks we are going to produce a video clip for the track. We already sent the production company a concept with our ideas based on the record's context. We really hope they will be able to do it as our ideas are very large-scaled. Moreover, the MCD will contain three additional songs which will not appear on 'Vinland Saga'. Of course, they will be a first appetizer for the style and sound of the album. A special bonus track will appear in its demo version for fans to get an idea of the development of a LEAVES' EYES track. The MCD will be out May 2nd."

Q: What do you like about "Vinland Saga" especially?

Liv Kristine: "I love the warmth, the truth and the power of the sound and the many important details of the record. 'Vinland Saga' is more complex than 'Lovelorn'. You will hear this especially in the classical arrangements, the vocals, the concept, the lyrics — I sing in both Norwegian and English — and in the structure of the songs. But of course, 'Vinland Saga' is a natural evolution of 'Lovelorn'. The sound is crystal clear and bombastic and 100 percent LEAVES' EYES!"

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