LEEWAY Frontman Schedules EDDIE'S FUNHOUSE Appearances

October 16, 2006

Vocalist Eddie Sutton of the legendary New York hardcore/metal act LEEWAY has issued the following update:

Well (deep sigh),CBGBs has had its last gasp/heartbeat with three BAD BRAINS shows, and it puts and end to an era of memories that will never leave our souls... Which means we all need to come together and support each and every show that gets booked between now and the end of the year. I'm not just talking about the Pyramid, but every venue/club that will have us, and we need to be there for every band trying to make or break in order to keep this thing of ours strong. We need each other more than ever, so I'm asking everyone to step up their game a little bit more as we work through this transition.

"Since LEEWAY is in the process of finding a solid bass player and replacement for Jimmy I am going to play out alone on October 29th and carry the first Sunday matinee on my shoulders to try and get everyone to come out for the first of three matinees at Pyramid. LEEWAY also needs to work on new material for another release, we need to establish a new record deal and re-release our previous joints which means we have to get a ton of work done before we play out again.

"So, in the meantime, I'm going to work with a bunch of other musicians and make use of the time creating, promoting, and fulfilling some of my own personal interests I always wanted to do, and the time is right.

"I don't want anyone to assume we're breaking up when I play because this is just a one off show. I intend to start another band/project, but I assure you this NOT ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE NEW NAME BANDS THAT PLAYS ANOTHER BAND'S SONGS in order to play out just to get paid (are you getting the picture, or do I have to spell it out and compare it to something?).

"I'm calling it EDDIE'S FUNHOUSE, so you don't take this too serious.... I want everyone to come out and have a good time getting this matinee thing started for everyone.

"I still need a drummer to commit, but the set will consist of LEEWAY songs we no longer play. It will be a 'one-off' show, and not just LEEWAY songs, but other HC ditties (BAD BRAINS plus some other surprises and classics). So far we have Jaybird on bass (you know, the kid TOKEN ENTRY named their LP after) and Darklord Jocifer on guitar (INHUMAN and AF). I'm really looking forward to branching out and playing with people I never had the chance to work with before.


"The Sunday matinees will strictly for upcoming talent and only once in a while we may have some headliners, but this is a small room which is ideal for showcasing the fresh raw talent that's surfacing within the tri-state area.

"For November 5th I currently have RAZORBLADHANDGRENADE, CHARGE, POISON PROOF, and EVERYDAY DOLLARS (currently, MOTHER NIGHT is tentative). This is not in any particular order yet.

"For November 12th, STATE of DISGRACE will headline and shoot their video on that date so come out and be in the movies....also on the bill: DOWNHILL FAST, 4 IN THE CHAMBER, LAST CALL, and BULLDOG COURAGE...

"I really feel obligated to make this happen [after] the respect and response I received from everyone (after bringing LEEWAY back). I can't tell you how humbled I feel knowing I have fans younger than my songs; it's an incredible feeling to have after all these years. I want to not only be a part of this from a performing level, but I also feel that since you gave me this chance to come back and play out I also want to help make things happen from a background position and look out for bands that want to play for a dedicated audience that consists of friends who share the same lifestyles.

"It may be 18 years and up for the moment, but I want this to be more like a clubhouse for the younger generation of HC kids that are out there. If we don't embrace them and give them the encouragement to be a part of this lifestyle (HC is more lifestyle than JUST music) then you and I can forget about this thing lasting another 25 years without them. Enough of the 'I've been around for...' shit because we all were fucking clueless our first times out and we all had to evolve in our own ways. If we don't guide them and give some direction, ecouraging support then we're done, over here. It's as simple as that.... no farm system, no dynasty.

"In other news, AGENTS OF MAN are in Europe as we speak..... when they get back, some of the guys will be working with me on another band/project and we're bouncing a few names around..... we're thinking of doing a small tour in the States for December since I've been offered to play two festivals in the South and Southwest.... you'll hear more about this soon.

"I'm really hoping I will see a ton of familiar faces at Pyramid on Sunday, October 29th as well as coming out to support the bands that will be playing along with November 5th and 12th... If we can make this steady then we can move forward and have a memorial/benefit for Boppo and SOCIAL DECAY plus others..... we want to book more shows and really make this happen, but this also means y'all need to come out of the woodwork and show up and support this thing..."

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