LEMMY On His Nazi Paraphernalia Collection: 'I Ain't Got A Racist Bone In My Body'

January 24, 2011

MOTÖRHEAD frontman and rock icon Lemmy Kilmister recently spoke to Gary Graff of Billboard.com about the long-awaited documentary examining Lemmy's life and career, "Lemmy: 49% Motherf**ker, 51% Son Of A Bitch".

"Well, it's not too embarrassing," Lemmy told Billboard.com about the film. "I didn't have to leave the fucking theater before the lights came on, so it's OK. I learned I look a lot older than I thought I did, but it's... pretty good."

Regarding the DVD version of "Lemmy", whose three-plus hours of bonus footage will include a featurette called "The Sweet Side of Lemmy," Lemmy said, "It's quite good, actually. I think the extra bits are just as good as the movie."

On the topic of the film's coverage of his extensive collection of military and particularly Nazi paraphernalia from World War II, Lemmy said, "Let's face it, it isn't skinheads and shit collecting this stuff. It's too expensive. This is doctors and lawyers collecting it... And I didn't collect any of the ideology, believe me. I've got friends of all colors and religious persuasions. I ain't got a racist bone in my body."

Read the entire article from Billboard.com.

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