LIMP BIZKIT: 'Pepsi Smash' Performance Posted Online

May 29, 2004

A video of LIMP BIZKIT performing their new single, "Almost Over", on the WB's prime-time live music series, "Pepsi Smash", has been posted online at this location (file size: 53 MB). The show, which aired May 27, also featured BIZKIT on their cover of GEORGE MICHAEL's "Faith".

BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst had previously written about the show's taping: "It felt like it was gonna be so cheesy, as soon as we hit the stage we decided to play by our rules, which is no rules at all, and let it come out. I'm curious to see how they edit it. TV shows are so fucking phony. Fake applause between commercials. People taking take after take to make it believable. It's amazing how long I believed in what the television was providing me as an adolescence [sic]. Now that I have been on the other side of the curtain I just can't believe what we're led to believe. Oh well, fuck it. We stayed true and rocked our songs once and bailed. It was tight."

(Thanks: The Armpit)

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