LIMP BIZKIT's Durst Hits Back At Critics, Denies Allegations

February 10, 2002

LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst has hit back at all of the band's detractors that have used the recent controversy surrounding the group's ongoing guitarist search as a way to turn others against the band, and denied the allegations in the original letter from an alleged applicant (portions of which may or may not have been manufactured, depending on the source) that started the original negative media campaign against the group. Here is Durst's official statement on the matter, as posted on LIMP BIZKIT's official web site at

Hello everybody, this is Fred. I want you to listen and listen close. That includes every piece-of-sh.t talking sh.t and every hater talking sh.t. This is specifically written for you in all honesty. Everything we, LIMP BIZKIT, do is motivated and driven by our love for our fans and love for what we do. All these f.cking 'he said - she said' bullsh.t rumors about what's going on with the guitar search are horsesh.t. Anyone who is mad about their experience trying out for LIMP BIZKIT at Guitar Center simply and plainly 100% sucked!! There are a lot of people waiting to audition each day and when they come in the room to play guitar they get up to 60 seconds to give us a sample of what it is they do and what they're about. If at any time during the 60 seconds they are interrupted, or asked to stop, then that is their (read between the lines) answer to how 'not the right vibe' they are for anything pertaining to LIMP BIZKIT or any project LIMP BIZKIT is working on. But if they were asked to continue playing or asked to play with the band later that evening, which has been over 20 people on the whole tour, then there was something that was interesting enough to spark our curiosity. People who are auditioning are asked to sign a release so their images and likenesses can be used in any documentary that LIMP BIZKIT would like to make (MTV, website, etc) in no way whatsoever would LIMP BIZKIT ever steal or take anything (music, riffs) from anyone on this planet!! And remember the only person who watches a thief is a thief. We did not record any of the pre-auditions. Not one. you haters. Better yourself (a little advice). To everyone else, I can't wait to get back online and into the chat. Things are looking very positive for LIMP BIZKIT you'll be proud and surprised at what's coming your way. Oh yeah... one more you again haters.


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