LIZZY BORDEN: New Video Interview

May 31, 2010

Rock Eyez webzine recently conducted an interview with LIZZY BORDEN frontman/namesake. You can now watch the chat at this location.

Over the past two years, the LIZZY BORDEN "Appointment With Death" show produced spectacular performances in 11 countries (from North America to Europe) and on the main stages of some of biggest festivals like, Sweden Rock (Sweden),Bang Your Head!!! (Germany),Kobetasonic (Spain) and Rocklahoma (USA),with several critics supposedly declaring LIZZY BORDEN the hit of the festivals and comparing the LIZZY BORDEN show to a KISS concert.

LIZZY BORDEN's current shows are best-of performances, incorporating songs from the band's entire catalog, including the latest record, "Appointment With Death". The group is performing all of the classic songs like "Me Against The World", "American Metal" and "Master Of Disguise" as well as tracks "Tomorrow Never Comes" and "Under Your Skin" from the latest CD.

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