LORDI Begins Recording New Album

April 30, 2008

Finnish monster rock n' roll band LORDI has entered the studio to record the follow-up to "The Arockalypse".

Commented the group: "We don't wanna record 'The Arockalypse Part 2', but we won't forget our roots either."

The band chose from over 60 songs to record. "It's the same positive problem as always," laughs guitarist Amen. "Oh yeah, 60 demos is a lot to listen to, but at the same time it's a lot of fun. All the band members took part in the writing process and that was very positive too."

This is the first time bassist Ox and keyboardist Lady Awa will be in the studio at the start of a recording.

"I'm so excited! I just can't wait to hear the final results. The new songs kick ass so hard! I honestly think that this is gonna be the best LORDI album," says a thrilled Ox.

Lady Awa is enthusiastic about the new album too. "I joined the band at the time when LORDI was recording 'The Arockalypse' album, so I had to go straight to the studio and I didn't have much time to get to know the new songs," Awa says. "Now I've had a couple of years such a joyride and I have had time to 'get in' into the band. So now I'm even more excited about making the new album, choosing and practicing the songs. I have even tried to compose a little bit by myself."

The recordings should be finished by summer, with the new album due out later this year.

In other news, The End Records has set a May 13 release date for the reissue of LORDI's 2002 debut album "Get Heavy". The reissue comes with the exclusive bonus track "Don't Let My Mother Know".

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