LORDI: Footage From 'Dark Floors' Press Conference, Premiere And Concert Posted Online

February 11, 2008

A 13-minute video clip containing footage from the LORDI press conference for the band's new horror film, "Dark Floors", the official world premiere of the movie and the LORDI concert that followed can be viewed below.

"Dark Floors" premiered at Oulu Energia Areena in Finland on February 6. The home of Kärpät, a Finnish national hockey league team, hosted an audience of 5,000 people who also saw LORDI's show. With its image as the film-friendly town up north, Oulu is the perfect choice for the premiere: "Dark Floors" was shot there last summer.

The Finnish national premiere for the film took place this past Friday (February 8).

Solar Films produced "Dark Floors" in cooperation with the Northern Film and Media Foundation POEM and the North Finland Film Commission (NFFC).

The film — set in an American hospital with a British cast, including Ronald Pickup — has a conventional, spine-curling horror plot. It follows the story of a small group of people including an autistic girl - played by 12-year-old Briton Skye Bennett — inexplicably trapped in a suddenly deserted hospital.

(Thanks: Siria / www.konzi-tip.de)

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