LORDI: More 'Beast Loose In Paradise' Single Details Revealed

December 7, 2007

LORDI's new single, "Beast Loose in Paradise" will be released as a downloadable single via www.zed.fi on December 24 and as a physical CD on January 9. There will be two edits of the song: "Radio Edit" and the "Dark Floors Version". The "Dark Floors" version will include a longer intro.

"Beast Loose in Paradise" — which is one of two new songs the band recently recorded — will appear in LORDI's upcoming feature film "Dark Floors".

In a recent interview with MonsterDiscoHell.com, the group's mainman Mr. Lordi stated about the new material, "These two songs were composed mainly during the Ozzfest tour. As a matter of fact I remember composing the chorus and the main riff of 'Beast Loose in Paradise' in Milwaukee and the chorus and verses of 'Studs and Leather' in St. Augustine."

He continued, "The origin of the main riff of 'Studs and Leather' goes way back. That one was taken from the unreleased LORDI album 'Bend over and Pray the Lord!' (which was supposed to be released as LORDI's debut album in 1999)! Though the tunes were changed, but the rhythm is still the same. The verse of 'Beast Loose in Paradise' is from another therapy band sessions from last Christmas. And the rest of both of the songs was basically made between the Ozzfest and TYPE O NEGATIVE tours... I think that's the first time some part of a song was made like this in the history of this band. The arrangements are done pretty much while the songs are demoed. The rest while rehearsing the songs and the final decisions in studio when recording."

Asked if there was any truth to recent report in the Finnish music magazine Soundi that the new LORDI songs would be "more brutal and raw" than the material on "The Arockalypse", Mr. Lordi said, "Our music is not gonna get any brutal or heavier, but not any lighter [either], that's for sure! I think it's gonna be pretty much the same. But it's so hard to think and say for myself. You'll be the judges then. I'd say these two songs are familiar LORDI. Although 'Beast Loose in Paradise' is more 'movie-esque' and 'horror-ish' on purpose. And some might say it's even heavier, but at the very least the chorus will be familiar and melodic LORDI stuff. And "Studs and Leather" is basically 'Heaven's on Fire' meets 'Balls To The Wall'. But as I said, it's really hard to describe them myself. And like I've said before, it's pointless to start forming opinions based on what I've said as to what the the next album's gonna be like. These songs were made for the movie and do not necessarily represent the future material in any way."

LORDI recently postponed its previously announced December 14 hometown gig at Lappi Areena in Rovaniemi due to ongoing post-production work on "Dark Floors". Tickets already purchased for the December concert will be valid for the new show. Tickets will also be refundable at the point of purchase.

(Thanks: Lord of Noise)

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