LORDI To Release 'Sexorcism' Album In May

March 8, 2018

Finnish heavy metal monsters LORDI will release their ninth studio album, "Sexorcism", on May 25 via AFM. The disc is described in a press release as "a full-on and uncensored shot of LORDI brand hard rock and roll" and "possibly [the band's] most controversial record to date."

LORDI's most recent album, "Monstereophonic: Theaterror Vs. Demonarchy", was released in September 2016 via AFM. The first half of the follow-up to 2014's "Scare Force One" contained classic LORDI standalone songs while the second half was said to be "a mini-concept album."

LORDI leader Mr. Lordi told Shut Up & Rock On about the decision to split "Monstereophonic" in half — one half being "Theaterror", or the more traditional LORDI hard-rock stylings, and the other being "Demonarchy": "[On] previous albums, there was a little more flirting with the modern metal things and the fans kind of started to divide. One half of the fans were, like, 'This is fucking cool. You should do more of this shit,' and the other fans were, like, 'No, no, no, no, no. Stick to your guns.'"

He continued: "I write all kinds of stuff and over the years, especially when Kita was in the band. With all due respect to him, he wasn't that great of a drummer playing that kind of style. So the reason was I always wrote that kind of stuff, but we couldn't use those songs, so it's kind of frustrating for a writer when you write these songs and you already know that when you're doing the demo, it's not going to make it to the album because it cannot be played by this band. We were pussies. We were too scared to change, and there was always this same fucking line that someone would say — like, 'Okay, AC/DC is not going to do a disco album, so why change?' Then we decided, let's do a split album, let's do something for the fans who want the classic LORDI shit and let's do this other stuff too. I'm not saying it's new stuff, because the old LORDI demos from the '90s sound more like the 'Demonarchy' side, so it's always been there, but it was never released."

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