October 26, 2004

Polish death metallers LOST SOUL have inked a deal with the Earache Records subsidiary Wicked World.

LOST SOUL have cut their teeth over the course of two demonically-inspired death metal albums of the highest quality, and have recently completed a month-long tour of their homeland with compatriots VADER.

The band's upcoming album, "Chaostream", is already complete and will be issued in early 2005. Featuring nine songs of intricate death metal savagery, "Chaostream" is characterized by LOST SOUL's high-intensity delivery built around ferocious technical structures and a true devotion to death metal's uncompromising formula.

The band's two previous full lengths, "Scream of the Mourning Star" and "Ubermensch (Death of God)", have met with rave reviews, and the band have also featured alongside DECAPITATED and YATTERING on Relapse's "Polish Assault" compilation. LOST SOUL will embark on their first European touring following the release of the record. The full tracklisting for "Chaostream" is as follows:

01. Word of Sin
02. Godstate
03. Death Crowns All
04. Shameful
05. The Hidden Law
06. Mortal Cage
07. Christian Meat
08. Angel's Cry
09. The Birth of Babalon

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