M.A.N Begins Recording New Album

October 5, 2009

M.A.N — the group formed out of the ashes of Sweden's TRANSPORT LEAGUE (featuring former MNEMIC frontman Tony Jelencovich) — entered Grand Recordings in Gothenburg, Sweden on September 18 with engineer Svein Jensen to begin laying down 14 songs for the band's third album, entitled "Massive, Audio, Nerve". The group states, "Everything's moving pretty smoothly so far and we're all ears and focused to the max. Recording the string instrument section is a true challenge because of the 'Full Scale Quarter Tone System,' on both the guitar and bass; to get the clearest tone, get a perfect intonation, between bass and guitar and within different guitar arrangements itself — as well as vocals and other instruments — very well may be momentary arrangements. It takes full attention to get the perfection as can be required of the 'Full Scale Quarter Tone System.' The vocal recordings have also started now; all goes smooth and methodically right. All is recorded onto two-inch 24 channel tape recorder, just to catch the spirit and vibe of a correct take."

The band continues, "All of you that heard our teaser [audio available below] with the programmed drums on (with the annoying cymbals…hahaha) have something here to look forward to. Because with the real deal it's a completely different story and cannot be compared to our first snippets at all. Some arrangements have been done as well, both vocal wise and music wise."

"Massive, Audio, Nerve" will be mixed by Ulrich Wild, who has previously worked with WHITE ZOMBIE, STAIND, STATIC-X, DEFTONES, PANTERA and LIMP BIZKIT, among others.

M.A.N recently declared itself the very first metal band ever to have incorporated what it calls the "Full Scale Quarter Tone System" into its music — and metal music genre as a whole. According to the group, "'Full Scale Quarter Tone Systems' [our own term] means that there are 24 quarter semi tones, instead of 12 'ordinary' semi tones, within reach of an octave [1200 cent]. This has led to new kinds of expressions and possibilities that have never been heard before, especially when this concept — cultivated and formed by M.A.N — is featured by more than just a solistic issue in order of solo instrumentalist matter or a solo part, but covered by the string instrument section in whole songs, with state of equilibrium with the ordinary semi tone system."

Tentative songtitles set to appear on "Massive, Audio, Nerve" are as follows:

* Dead Set
* Don't Wake Up
* Logocide
* Last Light Drains
* Vivid Heart
* Identical Abuse
* Song # 3 "The Redemption"
* False Memory Syndrome Pt. 1 & 2
* Slave Program
* Mock at my Motion
* Loveless
* Zero Status Zero
* Nothing

An audio file containing snippets of pre-production versions of some of the band's new songs can be streamed using the audio player below.

"Blood Vanish", the latest video from M.A.N, can be viewed below. The song comes off M.A.N's sophomore album, "Peacenemy", which was released in Europe in March 2008 (April in North America) via Tief Druck Musik. The CD was recorded at Grand Recordings in Gothenburg, Sweden with producer/engineer Svein Jensen and was mastered by Göran Finnberg at Mastering Room. It features a guest appearance by Burton C. Bell of FEAR FACTORY and ACENSION OF THE WATCHERS on the track "My Own Sickness".

For audio samples, visit www.myspace.com/manmusic.

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