M. SHAWN CRAHAN Says It's 'An Honor' And 'A Privilege' To Still Be Able To Do SLIPKNOT

October 17, 2017

SLIPKNOT percussionist M. Shawn Crahan, a.k.a. Clown, recently answered a number of questions submitted by fans.

Select questions were chosen from fans across the world as part of the cinematic screening of the band's new documentary, "Day Of The Gusano", which will be released on DVD/Blu-ray on October 20 via Eagle Rock Entertainment.

Directed by Crahan, "Day Of The Gusano" documents the Iowa band's first-ever visit to Mexico in December 2015 and features exclusive interviews with SLIPKNOT's members talking about the importance of their fanbase and the band's long-awaited first-ever show in Mexico City.

Asked what has been SLIPKNOT's biggest achievement to date, Crahan said: "Every day that we wake up and dream of SLIPKNOT is the greatest achievement — that we still get to do it.

"Not to be morbid, but a lot of our friends… Chester [Bennington], unfortunately, passed away [in late July]. And one of the first things that I thought of was that I was never gonna get to see him perform again. So I had thought to myself, when was the last time I had seen him perform, in person — not on a television show, [but] actually in person where I can say, 'Hey…' And I actually was able to get to that memory, and it was a great memory.

"It's very important every day that I get up and breathe and I can say the word 'SLIPKNOT' and I still have friends that I do it with. And that's an honor, it's a privilege — it's just a wonderful thing. And you think about all the wonderful people that are no longer with us, and you think, 'Wow, I can't…' Like Chris Cornell — you can never see SOUNDGARDEN the way SOUNDGARDEN is with him again. And that is such an important thing. Enjoy it while you have it. Pay notice to it while it's here. Respect, love it, admire it, but know that it's temporary — life is temporary. So I really cherish the idea that I wake every day still and get to do it."

"Day Of The Gusano" was premiered in more than a thousand screens across the world as a one-night-only cinematic spectacle on September 6.

SLIPKNOT's touring cycle in support of its latest album, 2014's ".5: The Gray Chapter", ended in November 2016, with singer Corey Taylor returning to his other band STONE SOUR this year.

".5: The Gray Chapter" was released following a six-year hiatus during which founding SLIPKNOT bassist Paul Gray died and drummer Joey Jordison was dismissed.

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