MÖTLEY CRÜE To Say Farewell At OZZFEST 2003?

September 17, 2002

MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx is hoping to launch the group's farewell tour at next year's Ozzfest, according to NEUROTICA frontman Kelly Shaefer, who spoke to Sixx at the San Bernardino stop of this year's traveling festival.

The following account is taken from Shaefer's online diary, as posted at NEUROTICA's official web site:

"I made it over [to the main stage] in time to watch TOMMY LEE [perform live] for the first time," Kelly wrote. "As I approached side stage, I saw Nikki Sixx coming with his wife Donna D'Errico. He appeared just as he did in all of those CRÜE videos, still sort of rolling in all his 80's glory. It's strange that Tommy has sort of stayed 'relevant', but Nikki still appears to me as 80's. Don't get me wrong — I have respect for Nikki. I loved Shout At The Devil and Too Fast For Love — those were good times in my life — so I have fond memories of those tunes! it was interesting to me to be standing in L.A. side stage while Tommy was playing, and looking across to the other side of the stage and seeing Nikki Sixx watching Tommy play. He seemed 'amused' and entertained as he watched them play 'Shout At The Devil'. I thought that maybe Nikki would have come out to jam it with him. After Tommy's set, I was hanging and ran into Nikki. I introduced myself and we chatted for a bit about Vince and his belligerent rantings lately, and his current drunken status. He said it's a shame 'cause he and Tommy had talked about how cool it would be to do it one more time, but with the shape of Vince, it would be hard to do, just hard to deal with him like he is. I am quite sure and could tell by the sound of his voice that they had dealt with that shit for too long already, so I can understand why he would be reluctant to jump on that train again, so to speak. He said how cool it would be to do it at Ozzfest next year. I guess we will see soon enough if they pull it together again."

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