MACHINE HEAD Frontman Turns Down DROWNING POOL Audition

December 6, 2002

MACHINE HEAD frontman Robert Flynn was one of the vocalists recently approached to audition for the DROWNING POOL singer slot left vacant by the death of Dave Williams.

Flynn, who is not believed to be a DROWNING POOL fan, is said to have politely turned down the offer, citing his desire to carry on with MACHINE HEAD as the reason for his disinterest in pursuing the position.

MACHINE HEAD are continuing to write material for their fifth studio album, which is not expected to surface before late 2003 at the earliest. Nearly 20 songs have been finished musically, with the band having recently demoed 12 of them in rough form. An as-yet-untitled live album — recorded in December 2001 in London, England — will be released through the Roadrunner label in March.

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