MARILYN MANSON Says Sex Scenes In New Video Are 'Simulated'

May 15, 2007

According to, Marilyn Manson's representative has denied the sex scenes in the singer's new video, "Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand)", were real, saying: "It was simulated sex." [If you're over the age of 16, you can watch the video at this location.]

A source close to the production crew told Radar magazine about the video shoot: "They [Marilyn Manson and real-life lover Evan Rachel Wood] elected not to fake their intercourse. Though their genitals are concealed on-screen by bedclothes and each other's bodies, the video was originally intended to be shot in 3D, meaning their sex had to be shot from several different angles simultaneously. That meant the crew saw everything. And just to be sure they got it right, they got it on three times for the cameras. The Christian parents will be sharpening their steak knives for him."

In another scene, Wood, dresses as fictional teenage seductress Lolita, rubs her crotch while watching Manson perform on stage.

The video also features a shot of Wood lying drenched in blood.

Manson's record label, Interscope, is said to be releasing a toned down version of the video.

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