MARTIN WALKYIER Slams Former SKYCLAD Bandmates Over 'Kindergarten' Behavior

October 28, 2003

Ex-SKYCLAD frontman Martin Walkyier has slammed his former bandmates for posting what he has described as "insulting nursery rhymes" about him on their web site. Walkyier, who left the group due to personal and financial reasons, had the following to say in a recent newsletter:

"It has come to my attention via various emails, that my former band-mates SKYCLAD have been composing insulting nursery-rhymes about me and then publishing them on their website. It saddens me deeply to be treated in such a way by those whom I once considered to be among my closest friends. This type of behaviour really belongs in the kindergarten playground, and not upon the pages of a website run by supposedly mature adults. Despite their openly-expressed dislike for me, they still continue to use my old lyrics both live and upon studio recordings, often without even giving me a writer's credit on the sleeve. It now appears that even their new SKYCLAD material still uses me as its main source of inspiration! In a troubled world which teeters upon the brink of oblivion, isn't it really rather sad that they can't find anything better to write songs about than little, old me."

Walkyier also took time to detail his upcoming plans. His post continues:

"Thanks to all who attended the RETURN TO THE SABBAT warm-up show at Junktion 7 in Nottingham on October 18th - where an awesome time was had by all! I hope to see some of you hairy heathen hordes down at The Camden Underworld show on November 15th?? We also have some long-awaited German dates with RETURN TO THE SABBAT coming up shortly, and we're looking forward to meeting-up with many old friends once again. Keep checking the tour-date page of [my] website for updates, as we have some extremely interesting stuff in the pipeline at present. Thanks for all your encouraging emails. I read each and every one of them, but sadly do not have the time to send any personal replies. I'm currently extremely busy trying to create something very special for you all. You have waited so patiently for three, long years for my next musical venture and I promise that you'll not be disappointed. In December 2003, Iscariah [ex-IMMORTAL] will move together with his young family from Norway to Nottingham UK. (I call that 110% dedication to the cause, don't you?) We will then begin working 24/7 on our brand-new Pagan project, THE CLAN DESTINED, which will be the culmination of all our careful preparation over these last 3 years. Iscariah is but one of many world-class Metal musicians who have rallied to THE CLAN DESTINED battle cry. RETURN TO THE SABBAT is just the support-band, the headline-act are now preparing to take the stage!!!"


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