MASTODON Is 'About To Really Dig In On Some New Material'

November 7, 2019

Atlanta progressive metallers MASTODON are "about to really dig in on some new material," according to the band's drummer, Brann Dailor.

Dailor offered an update on the writing process for the follow-up to 2017's "Emperor Of Sand" while sharing several Instagram photos of the forest scenery in Asheville, North Carolina.

He wrote in an accompanying message: "Had a beautiful walk through the woods around Asheville with my Dad and stepmom. Perfect visit for some inspiration as we're about to really dig in on some new @mastodonrocks material. Feeling the doom."

This past August, Brann told the Razor 94.7 104.7 radio station that he and his bandmates were looking forward to making some new music after spending most of the last couple of years touring in support of "Emperor Of Sand".

"We have a [new] song that we wrote, and we recorded it," he said. "We have done so much touring — for 'Emperor', and then we did this 'Crack The Skye' [anniversary] tour with COHEED [AND CAMBRIA], and then [a couple of] festivals… We're kind of chomping at the bit to get in there and put together some of the ideas that have been swirling around. There's lots of riffs; there's lots of material. There's too much material, so we need to get in there and start chipping away at that giant hunk of granite and hopefully produce a beautiful sculpture for all to see."

"Emperor Of Sand" debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200. That album was nominated for the 2018 Grammy Award for "Best Rock Album," and its opening track, "Sultan's Curse", won the Grammy Award for "Best Metal Performance."

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