New ADEMA Singer RYAN SHUCK Is Here To Stay: 'I'm Really Interested In The Potential Of What We Can Write Together'

November 7, 2019

This past summer, hard rock band ADEMA officially recruited longtime friend Ryan Shuck (JULIEN-K, ORGY) to take on vocals for the band's current tour. He joined the group as the replacement for original vocalist Mark Chavez, who returned to ADEMA in 2017 after previously exiting the group twice.

Asked in a new interview with Michael Nagy from KJAG radio and Jiggy Jag TV if he is now a permanent addition to ADEMA's lineup, Shuck said (see video below): "I think at this point, I'm pretty dedicated, yeah. I'm not here to do this tour and then, Hey, thanks.' These guys wanna do it, I wanna do it, and I'm now really interested in the potential of what we can write together. Because I know these guys write great songs, and I've been immersing myself in their music. So, no, I'm not here for the short term; I'm here to do this with them."

According to Shuck, he and his ADEMA bandmates have begun putting together ideas for new songs, with plans to develop them in the coming months. "We already have some clips I sent to these guys and [bassist Dave] DeRoo is, like, 'What the fuck?'" he said. "[And I said] 'No, no, no. I'm not done yet. It's just an idea.' He's, like, 'It's fucking hooky.' So I think it's gonna be cool.

"Now that I'm out here [on the road] with these guys, I feel better about just doing what I do… I feel like the way I can sing, it's gonna work with them, and I'm stoked on it now," he continued. "Now I'm getting a whole idea of where we can go melodically and sonically, and how heavy these guys can be, with the electronic elements in there, knowing what we can do with JULIEN-K… So, for me, I'm super excited, because I have these two outlets, which a lot of people don't get. I get to do JULIEN-K as much as I fucking want, and I get to fucking open up another door and fucking punch people in the fucking face there. I love that — I love it."

Asked how he approached singing ADEMA's material on the current tour, Shuck said: "I walked myself through the entire Marky/Jonathan [Davis] kind of world — that kind of singing… So I walked myself through all of that and went through their music, and then I walked myself through the way I sing. I worked on it for a few months, [figuring out] how I wanna do it. Because I'm gonna be me — I'm not gonna imitate someone else. And I think that I've kind of figured out a way to do their stuff that's credible and cool and unique while still being totally true to what they did initially that I fell in love with. That was super important to me — to not fuck their music up. And there are some ways you could do it that would be shitty. But judging from the response every night, it's been the opposite of shitty."

Chavez originally left ADEMA in 2004 due to "creative differences" after two successful albums, "Adema" and "Unstable". The singer — who is the half brother of KORN frontman Jonathan Davis — quit ADEMA again in January 2011 in order to pursue his "solo project." He rejoined the group again six years later and played his first comeback show with ADEMA in May 2017 at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California.

After Chavez's original exit from ADEMA, the other members of the band found their way with new lead singers Luke Caraccioli and later Bobby Reeves, while Mark founded MIDNIGHT PANIC with his cousin Peter Shubert. He also produced fellow artists.

ADEMA's last release was 2013's "Topple The Giants". The group's first CD since 2007's "Kill The Headlights" contained brand new tracks plus re-worked versions of ADEMA's chart-topping hits "Giving In" and "Unstable".

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