MAX And IGOR CAVALERA: TRUMP Is 'The Biggest Joke Ever' Who Never Should Have Been Allowed To Run For President

December 20, 2016

Former SEPULTURA and current CAVALERA CONSPIRACY members Max Cavalera (guitar, vocals) and Igor Cavalera (drums) have weighed in on underdog Donald Trump's stunning upset of Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential election, saying that the real estate mogul is "the biggest joke ever" who never should have been allowed to run for the White House.

Trump shocked the political establishment and the world by becoming the 45th president in one of the biggest upsets in U.S. political history. He won with 306 electoral votes compared to 232 for Hillary Clinton. 270 were needed to win. Clinton, however, handily won the popular vote, despite losing the overall election.

Speaking to the Impact metal channel on November 21 in Budapest, Hungary, Max said about the U.S. election outcome (see video below): "[It's a] joke. It was two weak candidates. I think the Democratic [party] had somebody [running for the presidency] who was trying to [do the right thing], but had a history of untrusting kind of stuff. And the other side [had] Trump, which is the biggest joke ever. The guy is a liar and corrupt. I don't know… He has really screwed a lot of people in his lifetime and I think he's gonna do a lot of bad stuff."

Max, a Brazilian native who has lived in Phoenix, Arizona since the early 1990s, continued: "The way the country is heading now doesn't look good. There's a lot of anger. Yeah, it's bad. I think it's gonna be some tough four years. Because I think Obama was a really good president. People don't give him too much credit, but he did a lot of great stuff."

Igor, who lived in Southern California for several years in the 1990s but eventually moved back to Brazil before recently relocating to London, added: "As a person also, I really respect [Obama]. I have no respect at all for Trump as a person. Even for Hillary, no matter how bad things got, I know she can carry a conversation with some other people, whereas this guy… I don't know… For me, the biggest mistake was letting him run. With the history he had, he shouldn't be allowed to be running for president. And look where we are right now. So it's sad times, I think."

Igor also looked back on what already feels like a truly momentous year in the history of the early twenty-first century — from the United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union, to the rise of radical Islamic terrorism and the election of a man once considered an eccentric outsider as the U.S. Commander-In-Chief.

"For me, I look at it, the whole world, it's crazy right now," Igor said. "First with the whole thing with Brexit, where, it seems like it sends, for me, a complete wrong message of closing things and going a bit right wing of keeping to yourself, which, for me, that's not the way I like to look at the world. And then, of course, the terrorist attacks, it's something that we need to live with it right now. And all the way to the U.S. elections, it's a whole chaos, you know — chaos everywhere. And to add to that, in Brazil also, we have a super-chaotic situation where they [impeached] the president, they did a massive scam to get this other guy in, who's also super corrupt. So it's, like, it doesn't look good anywhere I look."

Max and Igor will embark on another North American tour in February to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of SEPULTURA's classic album "Roots" by performing the LP in its entirety.

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