May 6, 2005

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the "Forums" section of the band's official web site:

"Our beloved webmaster will be posting a news tidbit on the MEGADETH site confirming our first band for the second stage. This will most likely be the band in the third slot of the second stage.

"We are almost ready to announce the name of the stage too, like 'Now appearing on the 'ESP stage' is 'VIC AND THE RATTLEHEADS!' " and I hope you know I was just using that as a reference.

"We will announce our new business partner at some time today or tomorrow, which we are very glad to announce, and will directly have an impact on "All-things-MEGA!"

"Lastly, I am honored by the people that are trying to keep my load down. To the people trying to help, please remember we have very cool and understanding guidelines here, so if someone does what 'appears' to be bothering you, and you bring it to our attention, instead of possibly hurting their feelings in a public forum and thereby making matters worse, we can 1) deal with it in private, 2) keep you and/or the person in questions from getting hurt, and 3) (which is worse) keep them from leaving our awesome community here. There are moderators and system lords that do exactly what you are trying to do.

"To the people in here that are getting corrected by those trying to help limit this work load, please don't take offense; they are just trying to help.

"Again thank you all for your love and respect. I can't believe it."

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