MEGADETH: 'Greatest Hits' Album Named

March 20, 2005

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the "Forum" section of the band's official web site:

"Up very early today and off for a full plate of events. I have to go by two shops to do some haggling, and meet with John Leeder tonight, and other than that, it is another day of gym, surfing, and hanging with my family.

"My big sister Michelle came by yesterday with her husband Stan and we had dinner and got caught up, but I was left with a very sad feeling because she said that she is considering moving back to Idaho. Some of you may remember that as a young teen I lived up there with her when I tried to run away from my mom. Stupid move, but she was there for me.

"I showed them Matjse (my mare) and Tiedman Von Der Zonschate (Pam's gelding) and they were pretty impressed.

"Now for something totally different: Glen has been emailing me this morning and said he doesn't like me because I said an *inside joke* to him.

"Lastly, there have been some interesting developments around here: new forums, new moderators, something happened with Sanctuary's book department where it just 'shut down', and we are waiting for Cory Brennan to get back to us about an intense conversation from last week about the single dropping, the records not being in the stores, and what was happening for the summer with the next vidi, marketing, etc.

"Fortunately, EMI has stepped up to the plate BIG TIME. the Greatest Hits record is progressing very well and it is tentatively titled 'Greatest: Back to the Start' because the sequencing goes in reverse from 'KTC' back to 'The Mechanix'. This should be released sometime this summer to support the festival.

"We are almost ready to announce who are the acts for the summer tour over here, and from reading the (overwhelming) threads of who I should take out I think that some of you will be very pleased. Put it this way, it will be a East Coast/West Coast thing.

"I'm off to look at surfboards with my little monkeys."

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