MEGADETH's MUSTAINE Talks About Albums That Influenced Him; Video Available

September 18, 2007

Christine Carney of conducted an interview with MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine while the band was in San Francisco last week. Dave talks about five albums that influenced him, heroes he's yet to meet, and his "bullshit-o-meter." The audio podcast for the interview is also available in iTunes. Watch the interview at this location.

Five albums that influenced Mustaine:

* DIAMOND HEAD"Lightning to the Nations" (1980)

Mustaine: "I think that if DIAMOND HEAD really got the credit for being the stone that METALLICA was shaped out of they probably would have been much more popular."

* LED ZEPPELIN - "The Remasters" (1992)

Mustaine: "When I first heard LED ZEPPELIN I knew that I had found the band that matched my biorhythm."

* THE BEATLES - "The White Album" (1968)

Mustaine: "The White album itself I think is probably the greatest way to introduce people to what THE BEATLES is."

* AC/DC - "Let There Be Rock" (1977)

Mustaine: "I heard that energy coming out of the guitar, immediately I got a poster of Angus and put it over my bed. This was who I was going to be."

* UFO - "Obsession" (1978)

Mustaine: "The reason I play a flying V: Michael Schenker."

MEGADETH's September 22, 2007 concert at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio will be streamed live via You will need to register at this location to catch this live event.

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