MEGADETH To Issue Posthumous Compilation CD

August 31, 2002

On September 10th, MEGADETH will issue a posthumous CD, entitled Still, Alive... And Well?, containing studio and live recordings spanning their entire career, including previously unreleased live performances of "Use The Man" and "Conjuring". The album will surface via Sanctuary Records.

The title of the CD was chosen by frontman Dave Mustaine himself. "You may want to know how I named the record," he stated in the record's sleeve-notes. "Well, one of the dumbest questions that I was ever asked by an interviewer, and it happened more than once, was: 'What do you want written on your tombstone?' I told them, 'That I am still, alive and well!' "

"The new tracks were recorded at the Web Theater in Phoenix, Arizona November 17, 2001," Mustaine added. "This was the last concert for MEGADETH prior to my departure. The recording was done for the live CD and DVD Rude Awakening. There were additional tracks that were not on that record, and we've included them on this new release. My return to the studio with Bill Kennedy to finish up the mixing and mastering for the six live songs was really invigorating, these tracks sound amazing. It was awesome to hear how good the band really was.

"As for me, my arm is continuing to heal according to the Doctor's projections and I have even been picking up the guitar every now and then. I am getting excited to start playing and writing again. Trust me, you'll be hearing from me soon.

"I would like to say thanks to everyone for supporting the band, for your understanding of my position and the decision I had to make, for all of your encouragement while I was healing, and rest assured that you haven't heard the last of MEGADETH or Dave Mustaine."

The complete track listing for Still, Alive... And Well? is as follows:

01. Time/Use The Man (live)
02. Conjuring (live)
03. In My Darkest Hour (live)
04. Sweating Bullets (live)
05. Symphony Of Destruction (live)
06. Holy Wars (live)
07. Moto Psycho
08. Dread And Fugitive Mind
09. Promises
10. The World Needs A Hero
11. Burning Bridges
12. Return To Hangar

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