MEGADETH's DAVE MUSTAINE Says Some Of His Early Guitar Parts Sound 'So Inspired'

March 29, 2019

During a brand new interview with the "Ethan and Lou Morning Show" on the i95 WRKI radio station, Dave Mustaine was asked to name his favorite MEGADETH album cover. He responded (hear audio below): "At the moment, it has to be [MEGADETH's latest compilation] 'Warheads On Foreheads', because that's probably one of the coolest covers we've had in a really long time. I was looking at the cover the other day and I was just laughing, because the audacity of [MEGADETH's mascot] Vic [Rattlehead] sitting on the front of a fighter jet riding it like it's some bull. [Laughs] Man, my imagination sometimes… I think, 'Where did I come up with this stuff?' I think that a lot, too, when I listen to some of the early records, like, 'Where did you come up with this guitar part?' Because some of the stuff is just so inspired. And I think it was the association I had, being around such great players like Chris [Poland] and Gar [Samuelson] and Jeff [Young] and Chuck [Behler] and Marty [Friedman] and Nick [Menza]. That was our formidable years. Those guys were all really wild personalities on top of being great players, so a lot of that stuff, I think, just kind of came out of the competitive juices that were always flowing within MEGADETH and with all the other bands that were around us. So it was a really cool time back in the day."

Mustaine is taking part in this year's "Experience Hendrix" tour. The 2019 edition of the trek tour, a celebration of Jimi Hendrix's legacy and musical genius, kicked off in Pompano Beach, Florida on March 3 and will run through April 6 when it finishes in Wallingford, Connecticut.

Along with Mustaine, Joe Satriani, Zakk Wylde, Dweezil Zappa, Eric Johnson and Jonny Lang are performing with the all-star tribute led by Jimi's BAND OF GYPSYS bandmate Billy Cox.

Since its inception as a single tribute show at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2000, "Experience Hendrix" has become an anticipated fan experience.

MEGADETH will support OZZY OSBOURNE on the next North American leg of the BLACK SABBATH singer's "No More Tours 2" in May, June and July.

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