MESHUGGAH Drummer: 'I Have A Hard Time Seeing Us As Anything Like Legendary'

March 19, 2008

MESHUGGAH drummer Tomas Haake admits that the manner in which the Swedish outfit is revered is sometimes difficult for him to take in. Speaking to the UK's Zero Tolerance magazine, Haake confessed, "I have a hard time seeing us as anything like legendary, but I can appreciate that there's kind of a cult thing with us, probably for a lot of reasons. But mainly it's probably because we've stuck with what we do and we've been doing it for quite a while now. Back [in the early days] we were just young kids and we were happy to know that there was a label who wanted release our music outside of Sweden. We just wanted to write cool, aggressive music with a twist to it and hopefully sell some copies of it. We never looked any further than that, I think." And turning his attention to new album "ObZen", Haake remarked: "One of the aspects that we talked about before sitting down to write this album was that it would be really diverse and each song would be a very individual thing and have its own unique vibe. To me, it's the sum of the whole album that makes it what it is."

Joining MESHUGGAH in the latest issue of Zero Tolerance magazine are fellow Swedes DISMEMBER, plus DIAMANDA GALAS, DEATH ANGEL, SCALD, J2, AZAGHAL, BAUHAUS, CCCC, masses of underground, upcoming, unsigned artists and much more. Issue 022 is also accompanied by a double CD featuring no less than 33 tracks. Visit for a full run-down.

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