MESHUGGAH Taking A Break, Plan Return To U.S. Shores

December 28, 2002

Sweden's MESHUGGAH are taking a couple of months off following their recent U.S. tour with TOOL and are looking to hit the road again early next year.

"It's hard to say [exactly when we will resume touring]," MESHUGGAH drummer Tomas Haake told Britain's Live 4 Metal. "We don't know yet exactly what we'll be doing next. We're taking a couple months off now. We're looking at possibly touring the U.S. again, possibly starting some time in late February/early March, or do a European tour first because we need to hit those markets as well. We haven't really toured Europe properly for a bunch of years now, so we feel that's something we've really got to do. We'll definitely be back in the U.S. for this album. If we don't do the U.S. tour the next thing we do, we'll still be over there like late spring, April/May sometime."

With regards to the group's recent outing with TOOL, Haake said: "This time around [we played mostly] secondary markets, hitting major markets a few times, so the differences [between this tour and the last time we toured with TOOL] would have been in the size of the venues, reaching between 6,000 up to 20,000. The last short stretch we did last fall, that was major markets and all the venues were like 15,000 seaters. That was the only difference really, but still, for a band like us, it's really no big difference playing in front of 7,000 or 15,000 — it's still a huge crowd for this type of music that we play."

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