METAL UK: A Metalhead's Delight!

December 28, 2001

BLABBERMOUTH.NET readers looking for more cool metal sites to check out would be wise to pay a visit to Britain's METAL UK (,which just recently got overhauled with new streamlined look that is mighty easy on the eye. There is plenty of content to keep a metalhead satisfied, not the least of which are the extensive, in-depth interviews that go far beyond the usual fare that you will find elsewhere. Without further ado, here's chief METAL UK specialist Chris Clayton to tell you more about what you can find on the offer if you visit “METAL UK has some very exciting interviews from some of the best people currently representing the underground metal scene. We've spoken to ex-MAIDEN vocalist Paul Di'Anno on life, music and just why he hates the British press so much (it ain't pretty). We've also spoken to ex-SKYCLAD vocalist Martin Walkyier on why he left the band and what he has in the store. The interview has already been deemed controversial by many people. We've had a word with SKYCLAD guitarist Steve Ramsey on the process of the new album (the first without the aforementioned Martin) and he answers the questions that SKYCLAD fans have been waiting to hear for a long, long time. And of course, lets not forget our interview with the mastermind behind NAPALM DEATH, bassist Shane Embury, on the belief and vision that the man has to continue releasing only the most brutal music on Earth. In addition to that, we include monthly album reviews, regular news updates and much, much more. It's all at METAL UK and we're constantly growing with more bands and labels helping to support us. So, drop by and see us.” And there you have it.

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