METALLICA: Atlanta's Damaged Field Sings Heavy Metal Blues

August 18, 2003

David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that the next time METALLICA plays a concert at Turner Field, the Braves — and opposing teams — would prefer they do it in the parking lot.

The heavy-metal act headlined a July 11 concert on the field while the Braves were on the road before the All-Star break, and the place hasn't been the same since.

"This field's a disaster," Arizona Diamondbacks manager Bob Brenly said. "There are dozens of places where they just poured green sand."

Head groundskeeper Ed Mangan didn't dispute Brenly's critique. Several of Mangan's assistants walked the field before Sunday's game, pouring dyed-green sand on numerous thinning brown spots in the grass just beyond the infield fringe, throughout the outfield and behind home plate.

"It's kind of painful for me," said Mangan, whose fields have received favorable reviews in the past. "I hate to have it look like this, but there's only so much I can do. I hate to have players playing on it like this."

The stage for the July 11 concert was set up in center field. Breathable plastic tiles known as Terraplast were laid down to help protect the grass from thousands of fans who watched the concert while standing on the field.

But parts of the grass were covered a week, and cranes weighing 80 and 30 tons sat on the field before the show. Mangan said damage was inevitable. Read more.

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