METALLICA's LARS ULRICH Keeps Quiet When It Comes To Politics

March 22, 2003

Unlike many of his musician counterparts who have chosen to publicly speak out against the Bush administration's foreign policy, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich — who usually has no problem yapping away on a variety of subjects — draws the line when it comes to offering his political views.

When asked by New York radio station K-ROCK 92.3 FM last week for his opinion on artists who choose to publicly voice their opinions on political issues, Lars said, "We've always just tried to… And this is not, like, pussying out or not taking a stand… I've just always had this weird thing about, like… Just because you are a musician, and just because people listen to what you are saying, that doesn't mean that you should mouth off on every single subject that anybody asks you. That's not to take the easy way out, middle stand. But I've got a lot of respect for people like [AUDIOSLAVE guitarist] Tom Morello and [SYSTEM OF A DOWN frontman] Serj [Tankian] and all these guys that stand up and really speak passionately. I guess I have trouble with myself using METALLICA as some kind of soapbox to stand up and talk about what I feel – it's always been awkward for me, so I'd rather not go there. Read the papers, go on the Internet, do what you've gotta do, formulate your own opinions, don't listen to some fuckin' drummer in a rock band about what to think about the war, you know what I mean?!"

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