MICHAEL AMOTT Has 'A Few New Ideas Already For' ARCH ENEMY's Next Album

October 23, 2018

ARCH ENEMY guitarist Michael Amott has commenced the songwriting process for the follow-up to the "Will To Power" album. Released in 2017, that disc marked the second ARCH ENEMY album since the departure of longtime singer Angela Gossow and addition of Alissa White-Gluz.

Asked by Rock Mania TV what ARCH ENEMY's plans are for the coming months after the completion of the band's South American tour in November, Amott said (hear audio below): "We're taking a break for, like, a couple of months. After that, it's the holidays and everything. And then we start touring again next year — 2019 is another touring year, another year where we will tour in Europe, in America. We're gonna go all over the place. We're still touring on 'Will To Power'. And then I'm also writing a little bit here and there; I've got a few new ideas already for new stuff."

Amott also talked about the things he likes and doesn't like about the music business. He said: "I really enjoy the creative process — writing music, getting inspired and writing new things. Creating songs, which is just [coming up with ideas] out of thin air, [when] inspiration hits you, and you have a few riffs, and then you turn it into a song with melodies and lyrics, and then you go into the studio and you produce it and you add things. It's just so much fun — it's a process that I never get tired of. And then, of course, doing the concerts and meeting the fans and playing the songs for the fans and seeing their reaction and getting that energy from them is incredibly rewarding. I don't know… I kind of enjoy everything. I know I'm supposed to say something that I don't enjoy… I'm trying to think now. I don't know… Sometimes the business can be a little boring — the business side of it, maybe: budgets and stuff like that, money things. But that's important too, and I'm interested in the business side as well. But it's maybe not my favorite side of it."

"Will To Power" was released in September 2017 via Century Media Records. Co-produced by Amott and drummer Daniel Erlandsson, the disc was mixed and mastered by longtime collaborator and friend Jens Bogren (OPETH, AT THE GATES, DIMMU BORGIR). The LP's cover artwork was designed by Alex Reisfar.

This past summer, ARCH ENEMY postponed its North American tour with GOATWHORE and UNCURED "due to reasons beyond [the band's] control."

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