Middle-Aged Former Headbanger Groupies Focus Of New Comedy Series

January 14, 2016

Sweetest Pit Bull Productions has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the half-hour single-camera comedy "Life Of Groupies" by Los Angeles-based writer-creator, actor and producer Joanne Rose.

"The comedy series is about middle-aged former headbanger groupies, recapturing their past by taking a walk back on the wild side to avoid their midlife crisis challenges," says Rose. "It's sex, drugs and crow's feet.

She adds: "I've been a huge fan of '80s metal ever since I was as a pre-teen, when GUNS N' ROSES' album 'Appetite For Destruction' was released. GUNS N' ROSES was my all-time favorite band. It seemed everywhere you went, dedicated fans of hard rock music were proudly wearing t-shirts of their favorite bands, from MÖTLEY CRÜE to METALLICA. But I always wondered what ever happened to all those fans when they grew older. Did they cut their hair and take corporate jobs? What became of their lives? My passion for rock stars, the music and curiosity about their fans is what inspired me to write a TV pilot about a fictitious hard rock band and their groupies."

Not only has Rose always had a fascination and appreciation for rock stars and the wild lifestyles they lead, but she recognizes what it also means to be a die-hard fan and "observing the crazy reality of hierarchy amongst some female fans at rock concerts."

This show will appeal to fans of the '80s, especially those that love hard rock and for middle-aged fans that can recall what it was like to be a devoted fan back in their youth.

In just seven years since Joanne Rose — who originates from Melbourne, Australia and is a permanent resident of the U.S. — formed her first production company, Vegan Vision Productions, in Los Angeles, she has taken herself from a struggling actress to a multi-award winner and internationally recognized face, thanks to New Media.

Rose launched her career online with her U.S. comedy web series "Vegan 101", which ran for three seasons. The series featured Rose in highly exaggerated stories about vegans from all walks of life through comedy sketches. Season 2 guest-starred Oscar-nominated actor Eric Roberts, with music by Keaton Simons.

"Life Of Groupies" won two official finalist awards at the 2014 Hollywood Screenplay Contest and the 2014 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest. The series will star Joanne Rose, William McNamara and Gretchen Bonaduce and will be directed by Dena Hysell and Isak Borg of Rumpus Room Productions.

For more information, visit www.lifeofgroupiestv.com.

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