MINOR CRISIS: 'Stomp The Page' Single Available For Streaming

January 31, 2014

"Stomp The Page", the first single from MINOR CRISIS, the new band featuring former members of ZAO and THE CHARIOT, can be streamed below. The song is taken from MINOR CRISIS' full-length album "Temple", which will be available for pre-order on February 18.

Regarding the single and its concept, MINOR CRISIS guitarist/vocalist Chris Fincher says: "Bob Dylan said that he once saw a black tree branch that never quit bleeding, a bunch of men in a room with blood still on their hammers, ten thousand men who spoke but said nothing and ten thousand whispers while no one was listening.

"There is a dark side to us all that can't be contained when we engrave our soul onto a piece of wood, a piece of paper, an instrument or on our own minds. Basically, we all look at our hands at one time or another and ask the question: who am I, and what have I done?"

Embracing both electronic and analog music, MINOR CRISIS is a band ambitiously pursuing two equal paths of sound design. The resulting songs are a fusion of aggressive hard-rock and post-electronica, which crosses the defined boundaries of IDM and rock.


Chris Fincher (Vocals, Guitar)
Roy Goudy (Vocals, Guitar)
Jeff Ashmore (Bass, Ableton)
Joey Hulsey (Drums)

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