July 17, 2018

Fernando Ribeiro, vocalist of Portuguese dark metal pioneers MOONSPELL, seems to be a restless spirit. Beside heavily touring the world, releasing highly acclaimed records with his band MOONSPELL, including their upcoming live DVD, "Lisboa Under The Spell", as well as his recent dark poetry book released in English for the very first time ever, Ribeiro has started his own label imprint Alma Mater Books & Records. With Alma Mater, he is not just returning his longtime experiences, network, support and manpower while being an active and successful musician in the music industry for more than 25 years back to the finest music talents the Portuguese scene has to offer, Alma Mater Books & Records will also release some exciting book editions and combining the art of heavy music and books under one label.

Says Ribeiro: "Even tough I love what I do with MOONSPELL, I always found myself attracted by the doing of other things. Many of my idols like Quorthon (Ace Thomas Forsberg) from BATHORY and Tom Gabriel Fischer have always other duties, revolving around the band but not limited to the band, that I found inspiring. Putting the two things I like the most: great, meaningful music and excellent literature/poetry together is my plan with Alma Mater.

"MOONSPELL's struggle for quality and pertinence shall be reflected on the label's job and we are trying our best to make Alma Mater Books & Records a solid, lasting label, looking into the future by signing Portuguese talent, provide them with the investment and knowledge they need; but also to pick and choose from our repertoire and create top-of-the-chain editions while also looking into bands that have inspired us as musicians and spread that legacy through the release of limited editions like the inimitable 'Clouds' from TIAMAT or the early, superbly raw materials of PARADISE LOST and many more to come. Alma Mater!"

For more information, go to this location.

Photo by Paulo Mendes

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