MORGAN HARRINGTON's Parents Talk On Five-Month Anniversary Of Her Death

March 18, 2010

Jay Warren of reports: Dan and Gil Harrington appeared Wednesday (March 16) in front of one of the last places their daughter was seen alive, UVA's John Paul Jones Arena.

They had a very clear message with Gil Harrington telling reporters, "There's still evil afoot in this town."

There were several new developments from Wednesday's news conference. The Harringtons say their daughter, Morgan, was bleeding the night she disappeared and that she was still refused re-entry into the METALLICA concert.

"I'm not concerned about the no re-entry policy," Dan Harrington said. "I can understand that. I guess what I don't understand is that the reports that Morgan, as she was leaving the building was bleeding and on multiple attempts attempted to get into the building and yet no one attended to her."

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