MUDVAYNE/Ex-HELLYEAH Guitarist GREG TRIBBETT Looking To Produce And Write Music For Other Artists

July 8, 2014

Strong Management has welcomed guitarist Greg Tribbett (MUDVAYNE, HELLYEAH) to its producer/songwriter roster.

As a recording artist, Greg's albums have sold over six million copies worldwide.

His songwriting credits include the first three HELLYEAH albums, MAN MADE MACHINE, and of course, all of the MUDVAYNE releases, which have reached as high as #2 on The Billboard 200 album charts and #1 on the Billboard Mainstream charts.

Greg has co-produced all of the MUDVAYNE albums, three of which have been certified gold in the United States. His production work also includes the first three HELLYEAH albums, NONPOINT's "Miracle" and MAN MADE MACHINE's "Become".

Greg is also open to working with projects outside of hard rock and metal if it's something he feels passionate about. He is based near Dallas, Texas, but can work out of any studio worldwide.

Please send any inquiries to [email protected]

HELLYEAH members Tom Maxwell (guitar) and Chad Gray (vocals) said in a recent interview with Artisan News that the hardest part of making their new album, "Blood For Blood", was parting ways with Greg Tribbett and bassist Bob "Zilla" Kahaha just before recording began. Maxwell explained about their dismissal, "It was just personal stuff. Both of those guys just had some stuff going on that was distracting, some more severe than the other, and it just got to a point where it was just a toxic situation, and it could have broken us up, actually."

Maxwell added, "We said, 'Hey, this is bigger than any individual. We need to, kind of, pull the reins in, tighten up and really make this happen for us. We can't let somebody else's decline and downward spiral drag us down along with it.'"

HELLYEAH drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott told The Pulse Of Radio that the problems started before the band even began writing. "You know, once we got together to start writing the new songs, it just became apparent to us that Greg and Bob didn't have the same focus that we had, you know," he said. "And we knew the only way for us to make the record of our career — which we needed to make at the time — was to part ways with them. And so myself, Tom and Chad wrote all the music, recorded all the music, and then comes time to put together a live band, you know."

The new members of HELLYEAH are bassist Kyle Sanders and touring guitarist Christian Brady.


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