June 15, 2004

MURDERDOLLS bassist Eric Griffin has teamed up with THE NAPOLEON BLOWNAPARTS frontman Ajax Garcia to record a cover of the '80s power ballad "Nobody's Fool". The song, originally recorded by the CINDERELLA, is to be released as part of a tribute to '80s power ballads. Ajax has confirmed that the song will be done in "true BLOWNAPARTS style and the kids will not be disappointed."

In other THE NAPOLEON BLOWNAPARTS-related news, Ajax recently recorded a guest appearance on the track "Signed Your Girlfriend" from the California-based band FLIGHT-409. The song will appear on the brand-new FLIGHT-409 album "Hold Your Breath", due out this summer. "Hold Your Breath" was co-produced by FLIGHT-409 and HANDSOME DEVIL guitarist Billy Stevens.

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