MY HEART TO FEAR: 'The Witching Hour Pt. II' Lyric Video Released

June 5, 2013

Williamsport, Pennsylvania metallers MY HEART TO FEAR will release their debut full-length, "Algorithm", on July 9 via Solid State Records. Now the industrious band is sharing a first taste of the CD with the world in the form of a lyric video standout track "The Witching Hour Pt. II".

"'The Witching Hour Pt. II' carries on in the vein of an older song, 'The Witching Hour'," explains vocalist Trevor Pool. "The song was purposefully written as a sequel because we felt the original song was too metaphorical and could be difficult to grasp. With 'Pt. II', there is a plainly told story about the study and experimentation of the theological duality between demons/the Devil and angels/God."

With the video for the original "Witching Hour" having garnered 110,000+ plays, "The Witching Hour Pt. II" provides a common thread to connect old fans to new. Similarly, building off the band's debut EP, "Lost Between Brilliance And Insanity", "Algorithm" reinforces to a wider audience what the band's carefully cultivated fanbase had previously known — that MY HEART TO FEAR's uncompromising metal attack couldn't be kept a secret for long.

The 11-track album was recorded at Atrium Audio with Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland (AUGUST BURNS RED) and features notable guest appearances such as Ricky Armellino of THIS OR THE APOCALYPSE.

"On 'Algorithm', the breakdowns are catchier, the vocals are better and are beyond appropriate for the music," explains Pool. "No single part, instrument or effect is overused. There's no filler. Everything is exactly where it needs to be. Nowhere was there something added just for the sake of adding something. Most importantly, we made the decision to write what we felt needed to be in the songs — nothing was written under the shadow of 'what will please the most amount of ears.'"

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