NAPALM DEATH: CENTURY MEDIA Deal Officially Confirmed

May 24, 2004

As BLABBERMOUTH.NET exclusively revealed on May 6, Century Media Records have now officially announced that they have signed British extreme metal legends NAPALM DEATH to a worldwide deal (excluding Japan). The first release under the new alliance will be the follow-up album to the "Leaders Not Followers" EP, the long-awaited collection of covers, entitled "Leaders Not Followers 2", tentatively due this summer. The album also features an appearance on two songs by Jim Whiteley, the band's original bass player on the B-side of the legendary "Scum" album. Bassist Shane Embury explains how Whiteley's guest appearance came about: "Well, basically Jim and I have remained friends over the years and have shared many nights out in Birmingham and I thought it would be a good idea to get him playing on a couple of tracks for fun as well as for personal reasons really as I think his input into the band in the early days was sorely overlooked, his lyrics on the b-side of 'Scum' are for me unique..."

According to an official press release, "The staff at Century Media Records was excited to learn the news about the signing, since various of the staff members have not only been fans of the unique and visionary music of the noise pioneers for a long time, but also agree with their strong political beliefs."

As previously reported, "Leaders Not Followers 2" will include the following cuts:

02. THE OFFENDERS - "Face Down In The Dirt"
03. DEVASTATION - "Devastation"
04. HELLHAMMER - "Messiah"
05. ANTI CIMEX - "Victims of a Bomb Raid"
06. WEHRMACHT - "Fright Night"
07. DISCHARGE - "War's No Fairytale"
08. SIEGE - "Conform"
09. MASTER - "Master"
10. INSANITY - "Fire Death Fate"
11. KREATOR - "Riot of Violence"
12. ANTI CIMEX - "Game of the Arseholes"
13. MASSACRE - "Clangor Of War"
15. DIE KREUZEN - "I'm Tired"
16. SEPULTURA - "Troops of Doom"
17. THE DAYGLO ABORTIONS - "Bedtime Story"
18. AGNOSTIC FRONT - "Blind Justice"
19. HIRAX - "Hate, Fear and Power"

An "unmixed" version of NAPALM DEATH's cover of KREATOR's "Riot Of Violence" has been posted online in MP3 format at this location.

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