NASUM: 'Nothing New To Report'

December 30, 2004

Sweden's NASUM have posted the following update regarding the group's singer/guitarist Mieszko Talarczyk, who is among the 1,500 Swedes still missing in Thailand following the massive undersea earthquake measuring 8.7 on the Richter scale and resulting tsunamis along South Asia's coasts:

"As of midnight Wednesday/Thursday [Dec. 29-30] we have nothing to report about the whereabouts of Mieszko. There are still lots of 'good' possible scenarios that we prefer to think about instead of drawing negative conclusions. We suggest that you do the same.

"We have some information about the condition of Mieszko's girlfriend. Her injuries are not lethal. She has broken one or both legs and gotten some lacerations. She is in a deep shock and we really hope that she will be on one of the airplanes returning to Sweden with injured people.

"We would also like to say thanks to all the kind words and thoughts posted by people in the guestbook. This kind of support really helps us in the band to cope with this unreal situation. Thanks again!

"Finally, to the people who have sent orders for merchandise: please respect that we can't really deal with your orders right now, at least not at once.

"Sincerely, Anders, Jon and Urban of NASUM, along with ex-members Rickard Alriksson and Jesper Liveröd, as well as all of Mieszko's friends in Örebro and elsewhere."

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