NIGHTWISH's FLOOR JANSEN Hasn't Heard Any Of The New Music TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN Has Been Writing

February 27, 2018

Metal Wani's Laura Vezer recently conducted an interview with NIGHTWISH singer Floor Jansen. You can now listen to the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On whether NIGHTWISH is working on any new material:

Floor: "Yeah, I know that Tuomas [Holopainen, NIGHTWISH keyboardist/leader] has been writing. He's such a creative spirit, there's always something bubbling. But, of course, now with this world tour [in support of the 2CD compilation titled 'Decades'coming up so soon], all focus goes to this. In regards to lyrics [for the new songs], I have no clue. I also have not heard the material. Even if he would want to share it, I'm not sure if I'd have the space in my system for it, 'cause preparing a tour like this takes everything. But it's a very nice feeling that this creative flow continues in him, and we'll surely look into all the storytelling in the next year to come."

On how NIGHTWISH's sound has evolved over the years:

Floor: "I would say that it became more grown up in its sound and also in its themes. The poetic touch that Tuomas has always had matured and bettered. He's been really exploring storytelling. And regardless of who plays or sings it, he has a unique sound and I think that became more distinctive throughout the years."

On how she has evolved as a singer while performing the NIGHTWISH material:

Floor: "I think I grew more and more comfortable in really singing everything my own way — with the coaching of Tuomas in that sense that I want him to be happy. So I always ask him for feedback. If I start with something, with a 'new old' song, so to speak, or also with the creation of 'Endless Forms Most Beautiful', it's sort of a vocal puzzle to make, and I've never made it with somebody else; it's usually been my thing. It's a band process, but I've never been so directly reflecting it back to another bandmember. Not being the songwriter, this creative process is different, and it's been very inspiring. I think I really grew in that part to be open to that and to experiment with new sounds as well, really using everything I have to offer in the whole storytelling of these NIGHTWISH songs. I feel like I really found my place in that more than ever."

"Decades" will be released on March 9 via Nuclear Blast. It will be available as a 2CD jewelcase, 2CD digipak, 3LP box (different colors) and 2CD earbook.

The "Decades" release will be accompanied by a nine-month tour across the globe. After kicking off with 34 concerts in North America in March-April, the journey will continue with dozens of European festival and headline shows. On this tour, NIGHTWISH will also be presenting a special setlist, featuring rare material from the early years of the band's career.

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