NIKKI SIXX: BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION To Get 'More Focused And Harder' On Second CD

May 31, 2004

BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION/MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx has posted the following message to the "Diary" section of CRÜE's official web site:

"Monday two days before we (the BRIDES) leave for Europe on tour. I'm home with [wife] Donna and the kids. Life is grand and then some. I'm sitting here at 7 a.m. on our ranch with windows wide open, watching the sunshine creeping in over the mountains, listening to the '70s station on XM Radio. I feel lucky to have the gifts I've received from the life. I get to live a life of a split personality and maximize them both. Any of you who have kids know the love you receive from them, It's like nothing else you'll ever receive or feel. Some of you have seen the rise and fall and rise of me as a man. Some of you have been there all along. Some of you are new to the adventure. I love looking out in the crowd seeing new rock fans standing next to old school rockers next to rednecks. What a cool fucking mix. Music has reached a place where it blurs the lines (again). The mixture of humans and styles. Actually it reminds me a lot of the '70s. The radio stations used to play BLACK SABBATH next to the BEE GEES next to THE SWEET next to THE BEATLES. As a songwriter I can’t imagine not having all that music to draw from. I sometimes think that's why songwriters have become so one-dimensional sounding in the last few years. When you're learning your craft now, what do you have to draw from radio wise? You have to bounce all over the dial to get that kind of variety. Enough ranting from me. I need more coffee…

"I'm so excited about touring Europe, I haven't been there in quite a few years. As for America, we had the best time becoming a band on the tour. Before we left we didn't really know who we were as a band. It takes time to figure it out. Now more than ever I’m excited to go make our new album. Playing live on your first album always defines what your second record will be like. I look at 'Too Fast For Love' and where we went with 'Shout At The Devil' and understand it was all about what happened live before we recorded ….I believe we are on the same path with the BRIDES…it will be more focused and harder…less parts and more of a straight-to-the-point style…me and Tracii want to keep the song lengths down (mostly) and the tempos up. We have some killer new songs (anthems)…again we cant wait to record. Probably in the next 4 months we will start.

"Two more days of soaking up all this love (it's like money in the bank) before I board that big bird to Germany. Then its all bloody knuckles and black eyes…Donna's coming out the last week of the tour…then the real trouble starts… I'll try to update you out there but I have no idea what the Internet ability is at some of these shows…. Fuck, I cant wait to see ALICE COOPER (were doing about 7 shows with him and TURBONEGRO). I left him a message yesterday asking him if I could play bass on the encores…. I'm such a fan….

"Have a great holiday."

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