NIKKI SIXX Fires Back At 'Washed-Up,' 'Small-Career People' For 'Coming Out Of The Woodwork' Around MÖTLEY CRÜE Biopic Release

April 19, 2019

Nikki Sixx has fired back at "washed-up," "small-career people" for "coming out of the woodwork" following the release of MÖTLEY CRÜE's biopic "The Dirt".

The CRÜE bassist made his comments just a day after BLABBERMOUTH.NETreported that former OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist Jake E. Lee said in an interview that Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee wanted him to replace Mick Mars in MÖTLEY CRÜE. Jake also made the claim that a key detail in the now-legendary story about Ozzy Osbourne snorting ants while on tour with CRÜE was untrue. Additonally, Jake alleged that when CRÜE was opening for Ozzy back in 1984, Mars called him a "slant-eyed Japanese bastard."

Earlier today, Sixx tweeted the following message: "Isn't it funny how the has been's,never was's, washed up long ago small career people all started coming outta the woodwork around the movie? I guess it's their only way to get attention in 2019. God bless them. They must be desperate."

In a later tweet, Sixx called Jake's claim that he was approached to join MÖTLEY CRÜE a "Make believe story. Everybody wants peice of the CRÜE now. Believe me. Almost 40 years together. We know our story way more than some shadowy worms."

Although MÖTLEY CRÜE was one of the biggest bands of the 1980s, shifting millions of records with its unique brand of glam metal, the band will be remembered more for its exploits off stage, including jaw-dropping groupie stories, many of which are covered in CRÜE's 2001 memoir "The Dirt" and Netflix's adaptation of the same name.

Last month, TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider said that he couldn't watch "The Dirt" objectively, explaining that he knows "too much of the behind the scenes and truths." He also said that has conducted his personal life in a "completely opposite" way to how the members of MÖTLEY CRÜE have, adding that he chose his path "because I didn't see the one they were on as righteous."


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