NIKKI SIXX On SIXX:A.M.: 'We're Not Working On An Album Right Now; We're Working On Individual Tracks'

October 26, 2019

Nikki Sixx says that there are no plans for SIXX:A.M. to work on a new full-length album.

Last month, SIXX:A.M. released a new song, "Talk To Me", in support of the #TalkToMe campaign, a movement by the National Opioid Action Coalition to use the power of conversation to overcome the stigma plaguing opioid use disorder.

The band, which also features guitarist DJ Ashba, singer James Michael and drummer Dustin Steinke, hadn't released any new music in two years and had been on hiatus since 2017. Ashba has since formed a new band, PYROMANTIC.

During an October 12 appearance on the "Worst Firsts With Brittany Furlan" podcast, which is hosted by the wife of Nikki's MÖTLEY CRÜE bandmate Tommy Lee, Sixx was asked if there are any plans for SIXX:A.M. to release more fresh material in the future. He responded (see video below): "We're releasing stuff, little by little. No touring or anything right now… We're not working on album right now; we're working on individual tracks. A lot of the music's gonna be going into the musical that we're working on right now," referring to the long-awaited Broadway adaptation of his memoir, "The Heroin Diaries". "So it's 99 percent SIXX:A.M. music [in the musical], 'cause those lyrics were written around the subject. And there's probably four or five new songs as well that are in the musical from that."

Sixx also talked about what his life has been like since he announced two years ago that he was taking a break from being in a band and pulling the plug on his radio show "Sixx Sense" to focus on "television and programming."

"It's been nice to be off the road," he said. "'Cause I was doing a radio show, I was doing MÖTLEY CRÜE and I was doing SIXX:A.M. And I was doing my photography. I was just burnt out. So I left radio, SIXX:A.M., put it on hold, MÖTLEY retired. And I'm feeling really recharged right now. And [my wife and I] have a new baby and stuff, so I'm so happy to be home for that and be home for my other kids and my wife. But I'm about ready to start getting the creative juices going again."

Earlier this year, Sixx revealed that SIXX:A.M. had recorded four new songs.

A music video for an as-yet-undisclosed new SIXX:A.M. track was filmed last December.

When "The Heroin Diaries" was published, it was accompanied by a soundtrack by SIXX:A.M. The 13 tracks on the record each correspond to one month of Sixx's supposed diary, which he kept from 1986 to 1987 and formed the basis for the autobiography.

SIXX:A.M. embarked on its first North American headlining tour in support of the band's third album, "Modern Vintage", in 2015.

The 10th-anniversary editions of SIXX:A.M.'s "The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack" was made available in October 2017.

SIXX:A.M.'s latest album, "Vol. 2, Prayers For The Blessed", was released in November 2016 via Eleven Seven Music. The disc was written and recorded at the same time as "Vol. 1, Prayers For The Damned", released earlier that same year, and it acted as a companion piece to the first chapter.

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