NIKKI SIXX to Fans: 'Thank You For The Greatest Tour I Can Ever Remember Being On'

October 3, 2005

MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx has posted the following message in his online diary (entry dated October 1, 2005):

"Leaving for a show in El Paso in a few minutes and I thought about a song I wrote about my time there. I lived there as kid for a few years and wrote these lyrics sitting in a hotel room on one of my visits there, of course while on tour...

Balcony in El Paso
Cigarette butts grace my balcony
And the remains of a dead pigeon seems somewhat poetic
The life form that scurries around below
Is a mixture of Tex-Mex and trailer park trash
I know you — 'cause I used to live here, too
Guess that makes you just like me
That make you wonder about yourself?

I don't know why
I'm here but I can't stay
The more things change
The more they stay the strange

Sittin' here on this plane
Watchin' the empty faces crawl past me
You know they all seem to have ingested
That same melancholy pill
Instead of warm, fuzzy and safe
They seem cold and judgmental
Little conversations come in and out of audio focus
It's all in slow motion but somehow moving at the
Speed of fear
I feel such the animal, I'm always the animal
My body's the cage — I'm locked in this cage
It's my home, it's worn, it's torn, it's been abused
And I like it

Here I sit in another hotel and it smells like someone else
I lay in bed and I can taste the smell
The smell of smoke, the drink, the stink
And the stain on the floor
I wonder was he with his wife?
Or another man's whore
Scratches upon the glass
Tell of the drugs and the radio
Is still on to the music that made them dance
I bet it was sweet
But me?
Fuck man I gotta get some sleep

"On another note, it's funny when you look back, you sometimes have to hide your head in embarrassment from your actions. Your ego, your self-importance... But growth is what we do and realizing that growing up is painful...when you're done with the pain you see clearer and accept who you are and know that who you were is just as important 'cause it's a benchmark on how far we've come...

"I'm going back to El Paso.... but I'm never going back.... 'cause im right where i wanna be...

"This tour has been a great journey and I thank you for the greatest tour I can ever remember being on (key word is 'remember'). We're winding down, 17 more days on this leg.....then home sweet home...

"But for now, I'll see you in El Paso..."

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