NILE: Prague Footage Posted Online

September 7, 2008

Fan-filmed video footage of the South Carolina-based technical death metal band NILE performing on September 2, 2008 at Futurum in Prague, Czech Republic can be viewed below (clips uploaded by YouTube user "Anachronoux").

NILE's fifth studio album, "Ithyphallic", came out on July 17, 2007 via Nuclear Blast Records. Engineered by Bob Moore and produced by Neil Kernon (CANNIBAL CORPSE, NEVERMORE, DEICIDE),the CD was recorded at Sound Lab Studios in Columbia, South Carolina.

"Sacrifice Unto Sebek":

"Cast Down the Heretic":

"Lashed to the Slave Stick":

"Black Seeds of Vengeance":

"Unas Slayer of the Gods Pt. 1":

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