NOMINON Add Second Guitarist

January 10, 2005

Swedish death metallers NOMINON have announced the addition of second guitarist Kristian Strömblad to the group's ranks. Strömblad, who is being described by the rest of the band as "a 1.95-meter tall fucker," has helped bring "an even more intense and heavier sound to the diabolical freaks of death metal," according to a posting on the group's web site.

In other news, NOMINON have revealed that their upcoming CD, "Recremation", will include nine previously unreleased tracks — "mostly new shit, written during 2004/05, plus an old track that NOMINON previously recorded late 2001, but with a new song lyrics, though," the band write on their web site. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Condemned To Die", "Into Black", "The End Written In Blood", "Submit To Evil", "Sickening" and "Buried By Me".

"Recremation" is tentatively scheduled for release in March via Konqueror Records. The CD will be recorded between January 21 and January 30 at Necromorbus studio in Stockholm with engineer T. Stjerna. A limited edition (500 copies) 12" LP vinyl version will be made available through Blood Harvest Records. The artwork for the CD is being conceived by Chris Moyen (INCANTATION, BEHERIT, SATHANAS, VITAL REMAINS, MORTICIAN).

NOMINON, who recently announced the addition of ABSURDO CULTO singer Daniel Garptoft to the group's ranks, completed a European tour with BENEDICTION and GODHATE last October.

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