OBSCURA: New Album Title Announced

September 24, 2010

Progressive death metal act OBSCURA has set "Omnivium" as the title of its new album, due in early 2011 via Relapse Records. The nine-track CD was recorded and is now being mixed at Woodshed Studio in southern Germany with engineer V. Santura (TRIPTYKON, DARK FORTRESS).

Commented OBSCURA founder Steffen Kummerer: "Although we recorded again with our longtime friend and producer V. Santura in the Woodshed Studios, the studio sessions were hard work and lots of sweat. It was for the best, though, since 'Omnivium' is definitely the next step for this band.

"Christian [Muenzer; guitar] recorded some outstanding solos with a new eight-finger tapping technique, Jeroen [Paul Thesseling; bass] brought his own stamp of fretless tone into the mix again, and Hannes [Grossmann; drums] recorded his heaviest session to date and broke through the 260-bpm line. Everyone brought lots of great ideas to the table and made 'Omnivium' a truly collaborative band effort.

"'Omnivium' sounds solely like OBSCURA, and brings us a step closer to reaching our unique vision of progressive death metal."

OBSCURA's recording and touring lineup consists of Kummerer on guitar and vocals, Christian Muenzner on guitar, Jeroen Paul Thesseling on bass and Hannes Grossman on drums.

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