OPETH: Two Studio Albums On The Way!

January 13, 2002

Sweden's OPETH have confirmed via their official web site that the group are currently writing the material for not only one, but two full-length CDs that will receive a simultaneous release in late 2002 or early 2003. According to a statement from the band, “the plan is to release separate CDs at the same time, one heavy, one mellow. The heavy CD will be typical OPETH with all its ingredients, including mellow parts, while the 'mellow' CD will have more laid-back material.” As reported her a few days ago, OPETH have been nominated in the category "Best Hard Rock" at the upcoming Swedish “Grammy” Awards, which are due to be held at Globen in Stockholm on February 14th. Other nominees in the “Best Hard Rock” category are ENTOMBED, SAHARA HOTNIGHTS and BACKYARD BABIES.

Also on the OPETH front, the group has posted the following recap of their recent European tour with KATATONIA and NOVEMBRE: “22 gigs across Europe was the schedule that OPETH with support from KATATONIA and NOVEMBRE had to undertake. The bands were extremely happy with the turnout and the support for this package. OPETH have stated that their favorite gigs for this tour was Milano/Italy and London/UK. Some shows didn't turn out the way the band expected as Mikael got ill and lost his voice.

“The Osnabruck/Germany show was a total disaster performing wise due to this, and the next day in Hamburg, OPETH did a instrumental set with guest vocals from the support bands. Blakkheim from KATATONIA sang 'Forest of October', Jonas from KATATONIA did his take on 'Credence', Carmelo from NOVEMBRE did a 'Advent' version while everybody rushed the stage for the finale with 'Demon Of The Fall'. The rest of the songs played that night were sung by...yes, the audience! Weird? Yes, but also a classic show in the history of OPETH.”

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