Original AC/DC Singer DAVE EVANS To Write Book About His Time With The Band

August 3, 2015

Original AC/DC singer Dave Evans was interviewed on a recent episode of "The Australian Rock Show". You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below. A couple of exceprts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On whether he has any plans to write a book about his time with AC/DC:

"Yeah, I'm making a couple of inquiries at the moment regarding that. So that's the next thing on my agenda is to write the… It's funny, one of the last books written about AC/DC [didn't cover] the first part of AC/DC, because without that first twelve months of the birth of the band, the rest of the history is not complete; it can't be. And the fans wanna know exactly what happened in that first twelve months. So I am making some inquiries now to write the book, so that the AC/DC fans out there worldwide can have the full collection. Otherwise, they haven't got it… And [fellow original AC/DC members] Colin Burgess and the other boys, Larry Van Kriedt, and other people, their story's gotta be told too. It's not just all about Dave Evans. Of course, I'm the one who can write it, but these people were all part of AC/DC, and they shouldn't be discounted. Without every member, it couldn't be the band that it is today."

On whether his departure from AC/DC had anything to do with the supposed conflict between him and the other members of AC/DC over the fact that he dressed more glittery than the rest of the group:

"The glam thing that's being talked about is ridiculous. All you have to do is look at the photographs and you'll see that all the other boys, including Malcolm Young and Angus, all have got the same gear on. [It was] the British look. It was the idea of the Young boys and [their older brother] George to do that. I mean, I thought it was fantastic. It got us a hit record, didn't it? I mean, it worked. And when we were in Adelaide first, and people came to see us and [were surprised when they] heard our Australian accent, so it was a plus; they thought we were English. So, yeah, the glam thing is just bullshit. It was personalities. And especially with the manager I didn't get on. None of us liked what was happening. We were working our asses off and not getting paid. And, of course, the manager got his cut off the top, so we were all pretty upset about that. So I confronted him one night in Adelaide and got into a physical situation, as we say, and we were pulled apart pretty quickly. But that was it. I quit the band then. 'Cause I had rent to pay back in Sydney. I was not getting paid anything, and I was gonna lose my flat if I didn't get paid, and I was working my ass off. That was the situation. I was really upset about that. So we decided to stick together the next day, after we all sobered up, because we had to go to Perth. I stuck with the band until the end of the tour, hoping that things might resolve over that period of time. But we were still not getting paid, and stuff like that, so we were all pissed off, not just me. Malcolm, Angus and the other two boys were also upset about it. But when we had the meeting in Melbourne at the end [of the tour], none of us were really talking to each other, and it was decided that I split from the band, which I had already split once, and so, yeah, that was fine."

Evans was a member of AC/DC from the band's inception in 1973 until 1974. Following his departure from AC/DC, Dave Evans formed the wild hedonistic rock band RABBIT, Melbourne '80s rock outfit DAVE EVANS AND THUNDER DOWN UNDER, and lastly DAVE EVANS AND HOT COCKEREL. Dave Evans has spent the last few years touring as a solo act.

Interview (audio):

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